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“consummate performances…stunning” (Classical Source)

“a thing to cherish...one of the finest around.” (Music and Vision)

“maturity of vision” (International Record Review)

“breathtaking…exciting " (THE INDEPENDENT)

“unique musical temperament” (Lippischer Landes-Zeitung)

Martino Tirimo (piano) - Ben Sayevich (violin) - Daniel Veis (cello)

The three international soloists who formed the Rosamunde Trio have been performing together since 2002, but this only tells half the story.
Martino Tirimo first met Daniel Veis in Karlovy Vary back in 1978 when both were soloists at a concert in which Martino performed Beethoven’s Concerto No.4 and Daniel the ‘Rococo’ Variations of Tchaikovsky. By the time the second concert took place, at the Smetana Hall in Prague, the seeds of a long and fruitful friendship were well sown. Since then the two have undertaken many tours, exploring the piano and cello repertoire, and have recorded together Mendelssohn’s complete works for Supraphon.

From the early days of their friendship Daniel suggested forming a Trio, an idea to which Martino responded with equal enthusiasm. A search for the ‘right’ violinist, however, had not brought the desired result. Daniel was already playing Trios with his wife, pianist Helena Snitilova, and his father-in-law, distinguished violinist Vaclav Snitil. Later, in 1985 and mainly due to practical reasons, he founded the Dvorak Trio in Prague and toured and recorded extensively with them for 15 years. The idea of a Trio with Martino seemed truly dead and buried.

Then in early 2001 Daniel met Ben Sayevich in Prague, for some chamber music concerts, and their rapport was instant. Further music making in the USA cemented the relationship and Daniel was soon on the phone to Martino with the news that he ‘had found a violinist’! This was some 20 years after the idea was first expressed.

The three musicians first met in London in 2002 and it became abundantly evident from the start that they had much in common, especially in musical ideas and values. It was also clear that all the seeds and capabilities for a top ensemble were there. After substantial preparation periods the Rosamunde Trio’s first concerts took place in England in the same year and audience and critical reaction was unanimous: here was a Trio that was totally committed to serving the music and able to offer imaginative and exciting performances that would remain long in the memory. Its three members may be international soloists, but they play as if of one mind.

Thus, in 2002 the Rosamunde Trio was born. The decision, however, was not taken lightly. Here were three musicians living in different countries, USA, UK and Czech Republic. How could it work? In chamber music one needs constant rehearsal together, for it takes a long time to become as one unit. It was only the overpowering belief of all three that this ensemble could develop a strong and individual expressive voice with something distinctive to communicate that persuaded them to proceed, even in the face of big practical difficulties. This belief seems to have been well placed. The three members of the Rosamunde began to meet, usually in London, during three periods in the year and worked hard and intensively before embarking on concert tours. Staying at Martino’s house, eating together and joking together greatly contributed to creating and establishing a close friendship. Now, after some nine years, even when there is a gap of a few months it feels as if the previous performance was yesterday.

Over this period the Rosamunde has covered a large part of the Piano Trio repertoire including all the Trios of Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Brahms and Shostakovich (for a complete list see under Repertoire). Two works have been written especially for them and more new compositions are on the way.

The Rosamunde Trio has toured extensively in the UK on 25 occasions and has also performed in festivals and major venues in the USA, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Cyprus and the Czech Republic. The Trio’s recordings include the Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich Trios, as well as Dvorak’s Trios, all recorded in Prague at the Liechtenstein Palace. In 2012 and 2013 the Rosamunde celebrated its 10th anniversary with cycles of the complete Piano Trios of Beethoven. Following the enormous success of these concerts, the London Chamber Music Society invited the Trio to do an even bigger series at London’s Kings Place devoted to all the Mozart Trios and the great works of the ‘French School’, a project which will continue well into 2017. Other concerts include a week at the Orpheus and Bacchus Festival in France.